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Who am I?

Tim is a multi-instrumentalist who has been a working professional musician around Adelaide and Australia for the last 20 years, which has given him a wide and unique repertoire of great songs, often the ones the forgot you loved! He has worked with many artists and bands including Jayne-Anne Power, The Shizzle, SuperNova, Sarah Lloyd, The New White Sneakers, Squeaker, Ash Gale, The Baker Boys….. and many more. Throughout this time he has spent every Wednesday for the last 14 years at the Lion with the now institutional “Proton Pill”, with local legend Billy Bob Rankine.


In addition to his extensive experience as a bass player and vocalist, Tim performs in solo acoustic, duo acoustic, and in full band mode as Dr Spock, a groovy power trio that sets the right mood, and gets the dance floor groovin'!




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